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Angola, Artemis Accords, and the Outer Space Treaty

On November 30, Angola became the 33rd country and the third African nation to sign the US-led Artemis Accords for cooperative lunar exploration. Nigeria and Rwanda became signees last year in December. Cris van Eijk points out that Angola is the first Accords signatory to have neither signed nor ratified any UN space treaty, including the Outer Space Treaty that the Accords posits to build on. Relatedly, even in the passing of a year since Colombia signed the Accords, the country hasn’t ratified the Outer Space Treaty.

In any case, the onboarding of countries like Angola to the Accords is in line with what Marcia Smith reported last year—that the US has been pushing for a broad, veto-less international participation in the Accords independent of a country’s intentions to collaborate with NASA on Artemis missions.

Relatedly, a nation to look out for with respect to the Accords is South Africa. The country is aiding NASA with a crucial ground station which will provide high bandwidth communications to the agency during Artemis crewed missions. At the same time, South Africa recently formally joined the upcoming China-led long-term scientific base on the Moon’s south pole called the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). It will be interesting to see if South Africa signs the Accords.

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In welcome news, NASA has secured an exception from the US Congress for its researchers to be able to apply for accessing lunar samples brought by China’s Chang’e 5 mission: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-mo… 🚀🌗

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I had a nice day exploring a big museum in Mumbai full of historical artifacts, sculptures, and paintings from the Indian subcontinent, southern Europe, Egypt, and modern day Iraq. It helped that the friend I went along with had interesting facts and perspectives to add.

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The world’s first mission to drill on the Moon’s south pole looking for underground water ice is prepping for launch in 2024. In my latest Moon Monday blog+newsletter, I cover the many unique experiments onboard Intuitive Machines’ second lunar lander part of NASA’s CLPS program. 🧊🌗📡

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What does SpaceX Starship’s not-wholly-successful flight last week imply for NASA’s plans to land astronauts on the Moon with Artemis? I provide the key lunar perspective to consider on my latest Moon Monday. 🚀🌗

It was great co-leading a diverse working group at the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop last week, with members from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Thailand. We came up with plausible new ways in which Asia-Pacific countries can collaborate to explore our Moon and also improve outreach. 🌏🚀🌗

A mosaic of 5 photos. Top: 1) A card with my name that reads 'Speaker' (for the event); 2) Two working group members presenting a slide on how to enable lunar missions for emerging countries; 3) Keynote speaker Nandini Harinath and Subject matter experts Jatan Mehta, Raghav Sharma, and Kishan Thakkar. Bottom: Two pictures of working group members, each comprising a mix of women and men.

Correction in my latest Indian Space Progress report: The news outlet whose article I cited in here (see screenshot) is The New Indian Express, and not The Indian Express. Sorry about this.

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I was sad to work on this month’s Indian Space Progress report. Even as we celebrate a successful safety test key to human spaceflight and ISRO’s new ambition to send an Indian to the Moon by 2040, having 200 million+ school students learn about Chandrayaan 3 mixed with mythology is very worrying.

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NASA gets serious about extracting oxygen from soil on the Moon as the agency plans to fund such a demonstration mission end of decade, which will feed forward to mature systems that will provide oxygen for future astronauts and Moon bases: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-mo… 🚀🧑🏽‍🚀🌗

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When we do not accept loss of a single life in human spaceflight without far-reaching programmatic consequences or outright cancellations, and strive to avoid any severe injuries too, why should the rate of such harm be any higher for the people making human spaceflight happen?

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