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China’s Moon missions have been making incredible, systematic strides in space technology and science. But information about them remains scattered. And so I’m contextually covering the latest Chang’e missions with a special “China and Luna“ series on my Moon Monday blog+newsletter. 🚀🌗

My blog now has a dedicated page for my ongoing exhaustive coverage of ISRO’s Chandrayaan Moon missions. From the big to the small, I love to track it all: jatan.space/tag/chand… 🇮🇳🚀🌗

Only in south India would you get poha and puri bhaji served with coconut chutney. 😄

I made the mistake of accidentally stirring anti-Chinese sentiments on reddit with a benign suggestion, whose original goal was about benefitting Indian space science and not whatever this is.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

There’s now a subreddit for Moon Monday! Join the community: reddit.com/r/moonmonday 🚀 #reddit #space #blog 🌙

So Pakistan has applied to study lunar samples brought to Earth by China’s Chang’e 5 mission in 2020. Why isn’t India applying too? Some context and thoughts in the latest Moon Monday: jatan.space/moon-monday-issue-175 🌖🪨

Hi everyone, I intend to do a story on where India’s and ISRO’s launch vehicles are (really) heading and challenges therein, including the LVM-3 and the road to NGLV. If you have some suggested material I should look at, please share. Any particular notable developments or challenges?

I’ve been speaking about space exploration and science writing on multiple forums lately: on invited media roundtables, podcasts, panels, and more. Instead of wasting time sharing every talk individually on like five social networks, here are them all in a single blog post: jatan.space ↗ 🎙️🚀

A graphic showing the Moon’s surface in the background. In the foreground are semi-transparent pictures of two space journalists: me, Jatan Mehta, and Kristin Fisher. Our Earth hangs in the black lunar sky.

For those of you who use Pinterest (and not the better product Flipboard), I’m curating links into topical boards there too: pinterest.com/themoonmehta

The best part? They are auto-posted via RSS! Why else would I save pins on Pinterest.. XD

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Hi everyone, after tons of confusion and sleeping over, I’ve decided to start a semi-social microblog: notes.jatan.space 💬. You can only follow it and hangout via:

Well, using Mastodon didn’t last a day. It’s so noisy. And hypocritical.

Mastodon: We’re building an alternate to addictive social media.

Also Mastodon:

  • Sends push notifications for everything by default (even likes)
  • Shows follower counts in notifications
  • Has trending posts

Back to Micro.blog 💬⭐️

“Maybe, just maybe, every single space decision of China—or that of any other country—doesn’t orbit the US”: jatan.space/moon-mond…

Peak reddit. A commenter, without reading the OG article natch, trying to dismiss the post’s title with a response that links to my own blog.. https://www.reddit.com/r/nasa/comments/1cmcrmt/is_china_landing_its_change_6_moon_mission_in_the/

Screenshot from https://www.reddit.com/r/nasa/comments/1cmcrmt/comment/l2zge5b/

Wow! I’m one of the earliest writers for which Flipboard has enabled federation. I curate links on space & Moon exploration on there, which you can now follow from Micro.blog, Mastodon, or anywhere in the Fediverse @moonmehta@flipboard.com! 🚀🌖

Is China landing its Chang’e 6 #Moon mission in the Apollo crater to signal the US of a race? Did China choose the same landing sites as the US for Chang’e 7? In this week’s Moon Monday, I question these claims & narratives, and dive into actual details of these #space missions. 🇨🇳🌗🇺🇸

Did not get any sleep last night due to a loud local religious celebration that spanned 7 god damn hours starting from literally midnight. How can people have utterly no regard for such a basic need? And then today I wrote a 3,000-word draft of tomorrow’s China-special Moon Monday. Need sleep. 🥲

I’m doing a deep dive on China’s latest Moon missions in tomorrow’s edition of my Moon Monday newsletter. Lots of nerdy mission specifics, and questioning claims and narratives around some of China’s decisions. Trust me, you will want to sign up for this one: jatan.space/subscribe 🌗🚀

There’s still no way to follow official updates ISRO puts out on its website. I’ve thus created an RSS feed so you can easily follow these updates via a feed reader. Currently, it doesn’t display post text due to a technical limitation but you can click on the titles to visit the original pages.

India’s Chandrayaan program has been becoming incrementally indigenous. Being able to self plan and execute planetary missions can lead to uniquely impactful collaborations globally. In this month’s Indian Space Progress, I highlight two such cases of Chandrayaan aiding JAXA and NASA Artemis. 🌗🛰️

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